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Ciara Mitchell

Olympian/Pro Volleyball Player

When you have a dream in your life, sometimes the most important step to reaching that goal is the first step. For me that step was joining Boomers. The coaches saw potential in me and because of this, I became a varsity player at a young age, was selected for the all-dade team, and went on to earn a full scholarship at the University of Miami.

I had no idea at the time that I would go even further to play professionally abroad in Australia, Germany and Italy, and compete in the London 2012 Olympics against the best players in the world. It is the basic skills and confidence that I developed playing for Boomers that helped me to become so successful, and I am thankful every day to be living my dream.

Brittany Ross

Clemson All ACC Freshman and Second Team All ACC

I owe my volleyball success to Boomers (volleyball club) and the expertise and dedication of the coaches.

With only a couple of years experience playing volleyball, Boomer's took my game to levels I never expected. I knew I was athletic, but I didn't fully know my talent and potential until Boomer's pulled it out and pushed me to be better.

I went from being just a player to a champion and full scholarship collegiate student athlete. I was apart of a 3 time State Championship high school team under Terri Jimenez, represented my state as a part of Team Florida, played for Clemson University, and spent summers training with volleyball greats.

I truly believe that many of these wonderful opportunities were a direct result of playing with Boomers.

Paola Ruiz

Nova Southeastern University

As a developing female athlete being part of the Boomer Volleyball Club family I was able to find the tools to help me grow fundamentally as a volleyball player and a young lady. I made lasting relationships with coaches and players that I will hold dearly close to my heart. This club opened many doors and opportunities that help set a foundation and now that I have reached my goal of being a college athlete I am grateful for all the opportunities I was given. It was a privilege to be part of this great team and family. THANK YOU!!

Sasha Pottinger

Boomers has done a great job preparing me for my high school season.  They have introduce me to a higher level of playing.  If it wasn’t for Boomers I wouldn’t be where I am today. My playing level has increased a lot. I now get compliments from my coaches and teammates
about how much I have improved... thank you Boomers :) <3

Gail Roehrig

Mother of Ashley Roehrig

“My daughter had never played volleyball before and as a sophomore, she wanted to try out for her high school team. She joined Boomers Volleyball Club to learn the basics and wound up becoming the starting setter for her high school team. The coaching staff at Boomers is awesome and she not only improved her skills, but her confidence as well. We would recommend Boomers Volleyball Club to anyone - from a beginner to an advanced player.”

Justine Landi

University of Louisville and Polish Professional League

I started my volleyball career with Boomers at the age of 9 and spent the next 9 years learning from some of the best coaches around. One thing that made Boomers special was the fact that it offered more than just team training, but also had many individual position practices that allowed me to work on my skills more than other players at different clubs. Those skills helped me excel at the University of Louisville and now in Poland where I play professionally. But the best part about Boomers had to be the girls that I got to play with for all of those years. I was able to form friendships that has lasted far beyond high school, and that is what really makes Boomers a special club.

Drs. Nancy Liu and James Houle

Parents of Lauren and Camille Houle

As a parent of two girls volleyball players, I have had 5 years of club experience, with 3 different clubs in South Florida.  Boomers has by far the best coaches and attracts the best players in the tri-county area.  Boomers is run in a very organized and responsible fashion, and good sportsmanship is expected and exhibited at all levels.  I would definitely recommend Boomers to all prospective volleyball players.

Ann Thomas

Mother of Morgan Thomas

Our daughter, Morgan Thomas, played Boomers for 4 years from 2005-2008. Although she had some experience playing on her high school team, she wanted to play club to get more experience and play with kids from other teams in the area.

Well it became a family affair. We traveled with her to many of the tournaments, met other parents and it became a bonding experience for many of us. A tournament in Denver brings back memories as well as Big South in Atlanta every Easter weekend, where family and friends came to watch her play. She improved as a player and made many friends.

When we had any concerns, we brought them to Terri's attention and they were addressed. The Jimenez family runs an organized, disciplined program where our daughter experienced different coaching styles and good sportsmanship.

As Morgan became a seasoned middle blocker, she was exposed to a high level of play and the recruitment process. She decided she wanted to play in college. The intense commitment to this program led to a full volleyball scholarship to USC-Upstate in Spartanburg, SC, where she is a Junior majoring in Communications.

Wayne and Maria White

Parents of Courtney White

“The Boomers’ experience has been filled with growth and accomplishment. We have seen our daughter blossom both athletically and socially. Her confidence on the court and in life has exploded. We look forward to several more Boomers’ years!”

Michele Villano

Mother of Bridgette Villano

I have both worked at clubs, and been the parent of a player, for many years. The biggest draws for me in switching to Boomers several years ago were the integrity of the staff, the elite level of training, and player results. I truly believe that Terri and her staff have the girls best interest at heart, teaching them not only volleyball skills but also life lessons that often can only be learned through sport. And to top it off, the teams win. No other club in South Florida has had four teams qualify for Nationals in one year. Quite an accomplishment. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the club for years to come.

Melanie Garcia

Future Nova Southeastern University Athlete

I have been at Boomers since I was 14 years old. Boomers has always been one of the best if not the best club in the area. Now that I am approaching the end of my senior year, I can look back at all of my great experiences.  From the training, practices, the coaches, the owner, my team mates and their families, it has been an awesome experience that has given me the direction that I needed as I go into college. Boomers has taught me how to be part of a family that works together towards the same goals. At Boomers, I have been pushed as an athlete to excel and it has paid off since I can continue to play the sport I love at a college level.   I will always cherish the wonderful experience and wonderful people I met at Boomers.  Boomers will always be a part of me.

Tony Greene

Father of Julia Greene

Being a part of this club from both the parents & the coaches’ point of view has opened my eyes to a lot of about Club Volleyball.

It starts with Leadership.  A no nonsense well thought out approach to creating an environment that stresses learning the game.  An approach to creating teams who play like TEAMS and not individuals.  Leadership that is respected within the region, and experienced enough to know when to make the tough decisions.  Leadership that produces college level athletes with a proven post season track record at Junior Olympics.

The Master Coach concept is a Boomers commitment to the improvement of the player.  Multiple coaches, pooling & sharing their knowledge, thus creating a more dynamic volleyball player.

Joe Gibbs said "The will to win is meaningless without the will to prepare!"

Boomers Volleyball Club prepares your daughter for competition both physically and mentally.  Those experiences are life lessons and teach work ethic, loyalty, team work and a determination to succeed. Tools they will need for college & beyond.