Boomers Volleyball Club Parent Manual

Where Champions Have Been Made since 1995

We set a high standard for our administration, coaching staff, players, and parents. Our first consideration is always our players and their development as athletes and people.

  • Best Training
  • Most Qualified Coaches
  • Proven Track Record of College Placement
  • Consistent Qualification for Junior Olympics


The mission of Boomers Volleyball Club is to TRAIN, inspire and build young women of character through the sport of volleyball so that each player exemplifies the values of COMMITMENT, SPORTSMANSHIP, and INTEGRITY to prepare them for a lifetime of excellence and SERVICE to family and community.


Boomers continues to be the premier club in South Florida because the goal of the founder and the staff is to provide the best training for our athletes and to set a high standard of hard work and dedication. As a result, each year Boomers qualifies multiple teams to go to Junior Nationals where they receive a great deal of exposure. Our high standard is recognized by collegiate programs nationwide. This has translated to an outstanding record of college placement for our athletes.

Our coaching staff is committed to having the most up to date knowledge to teach the fundamentals of the game and the ability to motivate our players to their maximum level of performance. They must have patience and, above all, the ability to communicate with positive reinforcement and to assist each player in any way possible to achieve the goals established by that player.

We provide various levels of training, depending on the needs and skills of each player:


    Black teams are our top level teams in the club. Black teams are designed for the athlete committed to playing volleyball in college and who is will to make sacrifices for her progress, her team, and her sport. These teams will travel out of state and take on the best competition possible. These players have the athleticism and skill to match up against the very best prospects in other high level clubs.


    Green teams are our second level team in the club. Green teams are designed for the athlete who is also serious about her volleyball and who is working hard to open doors to playing in college. She also makes sacrifices for her progress, her team, and her sport. She may be looking at a wider array of colleges that may not require elite level athletic ability, skills, or physical gifts.


    White teams are designed for the athlete seeking experience and development of her fundamentals. She is very serious about competing in high school and may be open in playing in college. This level is appropriate for multi-sport athletes who are unable to commit to a more rigorous practice and travel schedule or who is unable or unwilling to commit to a large financial commitment.


Positional Training Included in Club Fees
Small Group Training Additional Fees
Conditioning Provided at an additional cost by outside contractor
Recruitment Guidance** Max Sports Recruit provided at no cost to 15-18 teams
Off-Season camps, clinics and lessons Additional Fees


As a result of our high quality of training, we have been placing girls into high level programs for the past 10 years. To date we have placed over 70 athletes in college programs with many of them receiving full or partial scholarships. Our experience and the network of contacts we have built over the past 17 years is a huge asset in getting your daughter into college. We are a club that is recognized nationally by college coaches. That translates into more coaches stopping by our games to watch your daughter play. This results in more interest and offers if your daughter is at a level capable of competing in college. Please see our “College Experience” printout from our website for details.


There is a reason that Boomers teams have been the best in South Florida for almost 20 years. That reason is that we work more efficiently and harder than our competition. We instill that same work ethic in our athletes. The most rewarding achievements and accomplishments in life are typically those that are the hardest to achieve. The same is true on the court and in life. We have mentored not only professional volleyball players but also successful doctors, lawyers, business owners, and humanitarians. We constantly get correspondence from past athletes thanking us for the lessons they learned on and off the court. We will not promise that playing for Boomers will be easy, but we will promise that it will be rewarding and that it will help mold your daughters into strong, confident, and motivated young women.

We are looking for families that will support these core values and want to be a part of a family that will come together for a common goal of building women of character through the sport of volleyball. We take this responsibility very seriously and consider it an honor for you to place your daughter in our care for this purpose.

Please do not accept a position on our travel teams unless you can commit to all travel tournaments. The success of your daughter’s team depends on the commitment of all members of the team.


Parents, players and coaches will honor each other and the game by maintaining a positive attitude and displaying good sportsmanship toward the program at all times. Parents must eliminate their own ego from the process and see the game without parental eyes. Parents should become knowledgeable of the game to understand how it is played and appreciate the efforts of ALL the players. It is extremely important to the welfare of our program and to the accomplishment of our goals that coaches, players, and parents maintain a positive attitude. So much more can be accomplished if we believe in and are committed to the same goals.

Athletes have Emotional Tanks that need to be filled to do their best. Coaches, players AND parents will be responsible for this. THERE WILL BE NO CRITICIZING TEAMMATES. Correction will be the responsibility of the coaching staff.

  • Examples of Filling the E-Tank

    Hint: focus is on what she did RIGHT or helping to BOUNCE FROM her mistake
    “Nice hit”, “You’ll get it next time”, “Brush it off”, Body Language, *Smile*

  • Examples of Draining the E-Tank

    Hint: focus is on what she did WRONG or her Mistake
    “Nice hit” (sarcastically), “Move your feet!”, “You keep messing up!”, Body Language, *Roll Eyes or Scowl*

Parent/player guidelines for maintaining a positive attitude and displaying good sportsmanship:

  1. Cheer enthusiastically for your daughter. Be supportive of her with “No Direction Cheering”. Refrain from criticizing her, the coach, or teammates.
  2. Encourage your daughter to seek her own answers. We are teaching young ladies to have their own voice and be comfortable resolving conflict appropriately. This a life skill that, when done properly, will serve them well.
  3. Think twice before criticizing anyone connected with your daughter’s club or team. Criticism is contagious and destructive. It casts a negative light on all involved, especially on the one is is doing the criticizing. The damage can be irreversible and will destroy a team.
  4. Be aware that your body language on the sidelines does affect your daughter’s performance.
  5. Do not coach your child. It is counterproductive and causes burnout from over coaching. Your child will excel on encouragement from you and correction from your coach.


If a parent approaches a coach regarding a concern without their daughter having first spoken to the coach about it, the coach will have you return to your daughter, and encourage her to speak to him/her first. If the issue goes unresolved (which does not necessarily mean the player gets what she wants), and she has attempted to resolve the issue with the coach on her own, schedule a meeting and have your child attend as well. If the issue needs to be further discussed, then a Club Administrator will be asked to meet with the coach, parent and player. Please respect the order of proper conflict resolution:

  • 1st - COACH/PLAYER

Never approach a coach with complaints or concerns during or following a tournament. Wait at least 24 hours, at which point you may schedule a visit. This gives everyone ample time to set emotion aside and objectively assess what has taken place.


Much of what makes up our club is the result of our tremendous coaching staff. We make sure to only employ coaches that are being good role models on and off the court. We have a very high standard of morality and ethics for our staff that ensures that your daughters are being taught good life lessons both on and off the court. There is more to being a good coach than just an extensive knowledge of the game. You also have to be able to teach the girls how to effectively identify and work towards goals. We make sure to employ coaches that not only preach it; they live their own lives by it. Our philosophy is that if a coach’s morals are questionable, there is no question as to whether or not they can be a part of the Boomers family.


Due to the fact that our teams are kept small and the cost of the team must be met, there will be no refunds given. The only exception will be in the case of extreme injury that would prevent players from playing for the remainder of the season.


Release from the club will be handled on a case by case basis. To protect the integrity of the team and the financial welfare of the club, releases will only happen in extreme cases determined by the club director. If the club director issues a release, full payment for the entire season will be expected. The only exception would be in case of severe injury.


Parents with players thinking about changing schools need to be aware that there may be eligibility restrictions if you are going to a member school represented by any employees involved in the club that you choose. We are represented by Saint Andrew’s, Saint Thomas, Pompano High, Calvary, Westminster Academy, Coral Springs Charter, and Wellington High School. There are exceptions to this rule, but you must appeal directly to the FHSAA for a ruling. If players are not cleared by the FHSAA, they are allowed to practice with the team but would not be allowed to participate in contests for that team. Keep in mind that this rule is the same for every club. We have had some success in our players being cleared to play, but there is no guarantee. For additional information, please go to and locate their Handbook. Refer to ruling 9.2.4 “Participation in Non-School Athletic Activities Affiliated with a School” or talk with Terri Jimenez directly.